World Record Rubik's Cubes

Most people are familiar with the standard Rubik’s Cube type puzzle. It has 6 sides, can easily fit in your hands, and can be solved in a matter of seconds (or never, if you’re like most people). But what happens when you take the Rubik’s Cube to extreme proportions?

This is the question that British puzzle designer, Tony Fisher, set out to answer.

Tony Fisher has been transforming regular twisty puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube ever since he was young. In 2016, he decided to attempt to build the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube. When Tony Fisher sets out to make something, he doesn’t stop until it’s complete.

After countless hours of cutting, gluing and prototyping, he finally had a finished product. In the end, the cube came out to be 1.57m (5 ft. 1.7 in) tall, wide, and long. His creation is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest functional Rubik’s Cube.

largest cube.jpg

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Tony Fisher also has the record for the world’s smallest Rubik’s Cube. Making the smallest Rubik’s Cube was far more tedious to build due to the difficulty of handling such small parts.

Tony’s smallest Rubik’s Cube measures in at 5.6mm (7/32 inch) tall, wide, and long. As you can see below, it is extremely tiny.

smallest cube.jpg


The parts that Tony used to make the smallest Rubik’s Cube were originally designed by Callum, another puzzle maker, and were 3d printed. Tony modified these already tiny pieces by sanding them down to make them even smaller and re-stickered the puzzle.

It’s fully functional, but you may need a pair of tweezers to grip the puzzle.

Tony may have the official Guinness World Record for the smallest Rubik’s Cube, but he gives most of the credit to Callum and 3D printing for making the tiny parts in the first place.

The smallest cube is barely visible on top of the normal-sized 3x3

The smallest cube is barely visible on top of the normal-sized 3x3


Other notable extreme puzzles by Tony Fisher include the giant megaminx, giant master pyraminx, giant skewb diamond, giant golden cube, and an assortment of NxN ball puzzles. Check ‘em out:

big cubes.jpg
ball puzzles.jpg
golden cube.jpg
big megaminx.jpg