Anthony Brooks Interviewed at The National Toy Hall of Fame

Rochester, N.Y. - The National Toy Hall of Fame just announced its newest additions last week, but this weekend it was all about past inductees.

Families got the chance to play with classic toys like the Rubik’s Cube, Radio Flyer wagon, and Legos at The Strong this weekend.

Joining in on the fun Sunday was Guinness World Record holder Anthony Brooks. He holds several records with the Rubik’s Cube, including most cubs solved underwater in a single breath.

"It's really cool to see kids interested in the cube,” said Brooks. “And one of the things I really love about the Rubik’s Cube is you can have kids as young as five drawn to it. It's very visual. And then at the same time, it can still relate to adults who maybe remember the cube from back in the 80's. So there's that duality of it that's pretty awesome."

Visitors also got to contribute to a Star Wars-themed Lego exhibit, which will be on display next weekend.